Under Construction

Our floors are laid and the walls in our backyard studio space have been painted over. The last bit of work to finish off is the installation of a set of rear wall spanning parallel metal bars. These bars can be used for a variety of supportive asana or weight bearing exercises.

The wooden beams are screwed into the metal stud frames behind the wall. On the other side of the wall are additional timbers for further support.

The tricky part will be getting these bars into place. We’ll have to take the wooden beams off of the wall, insert the bars and then lift everything together and put it into place.

One of the most helpful supportive variations for beginners using the wall is downward facing dog (hands/feet press into the floor and your tail end raises to the ceiling). You take a strap attached to one of the bars (preferably one around the level of your waist) and then wrap its other end over the fold of your hips.

This allows a great deal of pelvic tilt and straightening of the legs without needing to bear full weight in the posture. Here’s a picture of the aforementioned straps.

And here is the household cat, who is often waiting outside the studio for people to pet him. His downward dogs are a sight to behold.


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