Open for yoga

Now that the studio is finally finished, everyone (by which I mostly mean me, my sister and a few of our friends) has been coming down to make use of the yoga space.

Here are some of my favourite postures. If you’ve not performed any of these postures before then I highly recommend practicing in a class setting first, to ensure against possible injury.

Janu Sirsasana: Head to knee pose.

Avoid slouching forwards. It’s more import to keep your back long and hips square to front than it is to get your actual head down to your actual knee.

Trikonasana: Triangle pose.

Make the stance about the length of one of your legs. You can shorten it if this is too uncomfortable on your hamstrings. Keep a straight back, avoiding squashing the underside of your ribs, and pull your front hip to your back foot (pictured, my left hip pulls towards my right foot).

Kakasana: Crow pose

Draw your shoulders back, away from your ears, and lean your head forward (with a blanket below your face if you’re at all nervous about falling).  Press your knees into the back of your arms or grip them against the outer sides of your arms.

Adho Mukha Vrksasana: Hand stand (lit. down facing tree pose)

Keep your abdominal muscles engaged to keep from curving your back too much.  Shoulders pull down the length of your back (towards your hips) and elbows are very slightly bent.

Again, try these out with an instructor first, not only to ensure that you’re aligned correctly, but also to make an informed decision about which postures best suit your ability.


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