About Me

I started doing yoga because I wanted to get a friend into doing tai chi and she wanted to get me into doing yoga. I never saw her at tai chi, so lets say she won that one. There’s not a real arc to the story from there. I just really enjoyed doing yoga and now it’s a regular practice which has helped me deal with a lot of physical and emotional hurdles. I’m less anxious, I feel more comfortable in my body and I can even perform a handstand.

I’m still not that flexible but since flexibility is in large part determined by genetics, I approach yoga postures requiring high levels of flexibility as goals that may never be achieved, and that’s fine.

In 2017 I completed my 200hr vinyasa teacher training with Power Living Yoga Australia. Currently I am  in the tail end of two years training at the Fremantle Yoga Center, where teacher trainees are exposed to a range of styles of yoga, including hatha and iyengar.

I love the physical challenges of asana (posture) and the mental journey of meditation. I’m fascinated by the philosophy of  yoga and it’s roots in the greater history of India. I also like learning about different sciences, and I find that having some understanding of the natural world changes how I interpret and frame yoga philosophy.

Beyond yoga, I like making animated short films, running for ages, learning German and finding new things to cook with lentils.